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Review: Canadian Club 20 YR Old Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 27, 2011

I have been wandering through the Canadian Club Whisky line-up for a few months now reviewing the portfolio of whiskies in no particular order. As far as the brand goes, the Canadian Club 20 Year Old is the premier production whisky in the line-up, being the oldest offering that Canadian Club produces on a yearly basis.

The whisky is a mixture of rye, rye malt, corn, and barley malt spirits. (These same base spirits are used in varying quantities throughout the brand line-up) The spirits are blended prior to oak aging in a process which the company calls “blended at birth“.  The 20-year-old whisky is apparently from the same stocks which produced the Canadian Club Premium (6-year-old) but aged for an additional 14 years.

Here an excerpt from my review:

“…I poured my glass and was greeted with the full aroma of an assertive, wonderful spirit.  Toffee and caramel poured out of the nose with deep oaky accents of baking spices. Rye scents followed as did that full dank corn aroma which is so typical of the Canadian Club line-up….”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Canadian Club 20 YR Old Whisky

Please enjoy the review!

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Review: Canadian Club Sherry Cask Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 6, 2011

The Canadian Club Sherry Cask Canadian Whisky is new twist on Canadian Club Whisky.  The base of this whisky is an eight year Old Canadian Club whisky made from the familiar “blended at birth”  recipe of corn, rye, rye malt and barley spirits. The spirits from these grains are blended before entering the white oak barrel, and then set down for six to eight years to age. Then the resultant whisky is double matured in Sherry Casks from Jerez Spain.

The second maturation allows the whisky to acquire some of the characteristics of the sherry (similar to sherry cask matured scotches), but this second maturation is of a much shorter time period which ensures that the core spirit remains the centerpiece of the whisky. When the Canadian Club Sherry Cask is bottled, it is done so at 41.3% alcohol by volume, just a hair over the regular 40 % strength of the rest of their line-up.  That added little boost of alcohol is just one of the unique characteristics of this C.C. Whisky.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…Initially, I receive wiffs of a nice sweet cherry aroma from the glass as I nose it. Hints of orange marmalade, and lemony zests fade in and out. I seem to receive additional (different) citrus notes each time I sample the whisky…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Canadian Club Sherry Cask Whisky

As well I have included a nice swizzle cocktail at the end of the review, The Canadian Club Swizzle.

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Review: Canadian Club Classic

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 30, 2011

Canadian Club Whisky or C.C. as it is known amongst its advocates was my father’s favourite whisky. He was quite happy when a family event like a wedding or anniversary would come around, and he could volunteer to supply the spirits for the event. Dad never paid much mind to which beer he chose, or which wine, or even which rum, vodka or gin; but… he always insisted on Canadian Club Whisky. In fact as he grew older he would often share a story where he remembered fondly the 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Mom and himself. As the night was winding down many of the guests commented to him that he certainly didn’t shave off any corners with respect to the liquor. He served his friends the best; he served them Canadian Club. Dad was proud of the reaction his neighbours and friends showed him that evening, and he always cherished that night where he was universally recognized for his generosity and his good taste.

The Canadian Club Classic, which is the subject of my review is a whisky my Dad would certainly have enjoyed. It is a couple of steps up from his whisky of choice, the previously reviewed Canadian Club Premium.  ‘Blended at Birth’, the C.C. Classic Whisky is a mixture of rye, rye malt, corn. and barley malt spirits. These spirits are blended before being placed in white oak barrels where they age together for a minimum of 12 years. The Classic contains a higher amount of malted barley in the blend than its younger sibling the Premium, and the result is a slighter sweeter more rounded whisky with the smoother character that the longer time spent aging in oak provides.

You may click on the following link to read the full review:

“…The entry into the mouth is soft and creamy. That typical ‘dank’ Canadian Club flavour is muted in this expression, and the whisky finds more sweet butterscotch than spicy toffee at first tasting….”

Review: Canadian Club Classic

Please enjoy the review and the great new cocktail I have included called the Classic Canadian Ice Storm.

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Whisky Review: Canadian Club Premium

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 19, 2011

Hiram Walker was the visionary American entrepreneur (born in New England), that immigrated north to Ontario and set about creating a most distinctive brand of Canadian Whisky which became known as Canadian Club. Although he began his distilling days in Michigan, he perfected his craft north of the American border in what would become Walkerville, Ontario. The whisky which Hiram Walker created was unique. He utilized methods of production which were not just unusual, but actual contrary to common whisky practices of the day, and his Canadian Club whisky is even today made in that contrary fashion being the only major whisky brand in the world to be blended before being aged in oak barrels, (Blended at Birth).

Canadian Club Whisky is now the oldest (and probably the most influential) Canadian Whisky brand in the world.  It is found in over 150 countries, with sales in Canada that are unmatched by any other whisky brand. The company has been granted numerous Royal Warrants from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth and it has been reported that Canadian Club was the whisky of choice when Al Capone smuggled thousands of Cases of Canadian Whisky into the USA during prohibition.

Today Canadian Club Premium is the flagship brand for the company. It is aged for a minimum of 6 years in white oak barrels and bottled at 40 per cent alcohol by volume.  Still ‘Blended at Birth’, the whisky affectionately called C.C. by its adherents is practically a Canadian Institution.

Here is a snippet from my review:

“….The flavour is full of damp tobacco and fermenting fruit flavours. The C.C. whisky is spicy too, with oak tannins disguised as orange peel zest heating up the mouth. Caramel flavours seep in and out as does an impression of vanilla….”

My full review may be read here:

Review: Canadian Club Premium

As is my usual style I have included my favourite Canadian Club cocktail at the end of my review.

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Review: Canadian Club 30 Year Old Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 13, 2011

I have perhaps been a little remiss here on my blog, where I review Rum and Whisky. My failing has been the omission of perhaps the most influential whisky brand in Canada (which is where I live), and perhaps one of the most well known whisky brands in the world, Canadian Club, (which is currently sold in over 150 countries).  In spite of the popularity of this whisky, and in spite of the status that it has garnered as a truly iconic whisky of Canada, it has taken me over a year to provide my first review.

That is all changing as of now! Part of the reason for my newly found inspiration is the recent Canadian Whisky Awards 2010, where Canadian Club was given an Award of Excellence for Canadian Whisky Profile. And another part of the reason is my own recognition that Canadian Club Whisky deserves to be included and reviewed on my blog.  And now, while the brand can bask in the glow of its recent award, is a good time to do it.

And that is why today I am publishing my first Canadian Club Whisky review. The kick-off so to speak of a series of reviews which will encompass the entire line-up. Because I am a somewhat contrary individual, rather than beginning at the bottom of the brand portfolio, I am going to start at the top with the recently released Canadian Club 30-Year-Old Whisky.

Now 30 year old spirits are special. To that end, Davin de Kergommeaux, (certified malt maniac, whisky writer, and founding father of Canadian Whisky), and I, agreed to publish our reviews of the Canadian Club 30-Year-Old Whisky on the same day and link to each others reviews to give you, our readers, two perspectives of this spirit rather than one. Then in a fit of exuberance we both realized that there was yet another well established Canadian whisky writer, Jason Debly, (of Jason’s Scotch Whisky Reviews), who could complete the triumvirate and provide a third unique perspective.  Now Davin lives in Central Canada, (Ottawa, Ontario);  Jason hails from the East Coast of Canada, (Fredericton New Brunswick); and I live in Western Canada, (Edmonton, Alberta); not that geography is important, but it just happens that our three reviews will be somewhat of a cross section of opinion from one side of our county to the other. As we have not shared our opinions ahead of time, I think that this will be very interesting.

I respect Davin’s and Jason’s work. They each have a strong writing style, and are extremely good at what they do. In fact, I believe it is somewhat of an honour for me to publish my review side by side with persons of their caliber. And speaking of the reviews, without further delay, here are a few excerpts from the three reviews:

I guess I will begin with my review:

“…the nose deepens into a dark rich baking spice aroma with Demerara accents of dark brown sugars, rich toffee, vanilla, wisps of cinnamon, and even a hint of maple.  Playing in the merry little breezes is a subtle smokiness with the fleeting aroma of dried fruits and cigar tobacco.  This is a wonderfully rich nose which I could enjoy even if I never tasted the whisky…”

You may read my full review here:

Review: Canadian Club 30 Year Old Whisky


And as promised, here are the two other reviews being published today for your consideration:

Davin de Kergommeaux’s review on Canadian Whisky may be read here:

“…Fragrant and flavourful with butterscotch, dark fruit, loads of fresh-cut wood, hot pepper, a vague corn-whisky mustiness, and recurring rich tobacco notes. Deceptively simple and surprisingly lively. Rich & Round…”. (Click on the excerpt to read the full review)


and Jason Debly’s review on Jason’s Scotch Whisky Reviews may be read here:

“…Big rye flavor that brings to mind certain great American bourbons.  Maple sugar, hickory and massive oak towering overhead.  Nevertheless, the flavors are all in balance with a nice symmetry...” (Click on the excerpt to read the full review)


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