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A New Cocktail ?

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 22, 2009

Chocolate Legendario Ice Creme

What happens when a good idea goes horribly awry? A new cocktail is born of course ( sort of).
What was the good idea?  Rum Flavoured Ice Cream!
I started with my trusty ice cream maker and a bottle of Legendario Rum.  What could go wrong?

ario ice cream

I filled the ice creme maker with all of the ingredients for a nice ice cream:
375 ml rich cream
500 ml half and half (Half creme half milk)
350 ml cold sugar
75 ml chocolate syrup

I started the ice cream maker with the intent to make a nice stiff ice cream and then when it was almost ready I added 500 ml of my 7 yr old Legendario Elixir de Cuba Rum.

Unfortunately I miscalculated.  The alcohol in the rum instantly melted all the ice cream.  I was left with a sloppy mess.   But it sure tasted good!



2 Responses to “A New Cocktail ?”

  1. Hello Laura:

    It is my inderstanding that this rum is available in Alberta and Nova Scotia.

  2. Laura said

    Hello, Where can i buy a bottle of this fabulous rum please?

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