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Whisky Review: Glenfiddich 15 Yr Old Single Malt Scotch

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 7, 2010

Glenfiddich 15 Yr Old Single Malt Scotch

According to legend, the first Glenfiddich distilled spirit ran from the stills on Christmas day in 1887.  The distillery was then, and is now and independent distillery.  It is currently owned by William Grant & Sons Ltd., the same William Grant who founded the company in 1887.    It sits in the Conval Hills with its own single source of water, the Robbie Dhu springs.  This water is pumped from this source directly to the distillery, so that it is untouched by man nor beast and remains in its  purest form.

Glenfiddich whisky is  distilled on copper stills,  in the same manner as it was a hundred years ago.  In fact the entire process from turning and malting the barley,  to the use of copper stills, and  the manner of aging attempts to deliver a thread of heritage unbroken from the past to the present.

Here is a link to the Glenfiddich distillery:  Glenfiddich Website

My review today is for the Glenfiddich 15 year old Single Malt blend.  The blend is unique in the world of Scotch whisky by the manner in which it is Solera aged.  (This aging technique is expanded on in the review.)

A special malt deserves a special cocktail.  Again I turned to my good friend forrest, (click the link to go to his great site) telling him I wanted to capture the essence of the alpine meadow I smell and taste in the Glenfiddich 15 year old  whisky.  He came up with a marvelous cocktail, which I then modified into a snifter drink as well.

You can read the review and the recipes for the drinks here:

Review: Glenfiddich 15 Yr Old Scotch.

Again I would like to thank forrest for this collaboration.  He is a cocktail guru extrordinaire!

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