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Rum Review: Juan Santos Antigua Reserva 21 Yr Old Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 10, 2010

This is the last review I am doing on a series of new Colombian rums that are entering the North American marketplace via my home province of Alberta.  Allow me to introduce Juan Santos Twenty One Year Old Rum.  I found this to be a tremendous rum with unmatched smoothness, and a wonderful soft clean finish.

Juan Santos rums  are a product of Casa Santana Liquors, the only privately held liquor company in Colombia which  is specializing in the production of premium aged rum.  Casa Santana was founded in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1995, by the Riascos family.  Their  rums have been developed by Cuban master blenders who began  their craft in Cuba before leaving the island in 1994, bringing with them their rum making craft.

Casa Santana has  two production plants which are located in Santa Marta, and in the Free Trade Zone of Barranquilla.  These  are located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia which provides access for shipping abroad.

Casa Santana claims their rum production is completely  free of additives and artificial essences.

Here is my review:

Review: Juan Santos Antigua Reserva 21 Yr Old Rum


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