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Howling Highlight: Let’s Help Haiti

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 13, 2010

Like most of you, I was made aware of the Earthquake in Haiti this morning when I listened to the morning news.  I know relatively little about the situation at hand, but I do know that Haiti is a struggling country that has had more than its share of turmoil both from natural and political causes.

Someone better equipped to discuss Haiti (Bunnyhugs) already has posted on on his own Blog:

Haitian Earthquake: Raise a glass and donate

I know Bunnyhugs only peripherally from his postings on the Ministry of Rum but his excellent article speaks upon the situation far better than I can.

Speaking of the Ministry, there is an excellent thread there with many good suggestions for helping, and with many nice links to organizations who regularly contribute in these situations:

Haitian Earthquake Appeal

Only time will give us the rest of the details but for all those who read my blog, lets utilize some of the means at our disposal to help people in need.   The Haitian people are some of the kindest and most compassionate in the world, let’s reach a hand to help.


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