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Cocktail: Rum Sloe and Sour

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 11, 2010

Rum Sloe And Sour with Ie

A while back I published a review for the  Juan Santos Gran Reserva – 12 Year Old Rum .  With the review I published a cocktail I called Arctic Wolf’s Juan Santos Sloe and Sour. The creation of this particular cocktail was a progression of simple steps from a well known classic cocktail, The Whiskey Sour, to the Rum Sour, and then the final step to my cocktail.  I chose the starting point as a classic whiskey cocktail because I recognized a whiskey like flavour and  delivery in that particular rum.  Of course once I had the cocktail created, I have tried it with various rums and have found it to be remarkable well suited to almost any dark rum.

So rather than have this cocktail relegated as an attachment in one of my rum reviews I thought I should add it to my main menu so as to make it easier to find.

So if you are interested here is the recipe along with the recipes for the cocktails that led to its creation: Rum Cocktail: Rum Sloe and Sour



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