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Rum Review: Appleton 151 Dark Jamaican Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 6, 2010

I am going off on a side rung today as I continue to review the ladder of Appleton Estate Rums.  I call this a side rung because the Appleton 151 Dark Jamaican Rum is not part of the progressive ladder I have been following from the Entry Level Appleton VX up to the rare old Appleton 21 Year Old Rum.   As well this rum is no longer advertised on the Appleton Estate Website.   I am unsure whether the rum is in production anymore, although a friend of mine who visited Jamaica told me it was still available and was a local favourite amongst Jamaicans.

I cannot verify the claim, but I am confident enough of its veracity that I am going ahead with my review.

Here is an excerpt:

“…Sweet burly molasses and spice is about all I can say at this point as the strength of the alcohol numbs the palate before much else can be deciphered.   I let everything sit in my mouth for a little while and decide that the flavour is quite complicated, but as I mentioned, the heavy alcohol strength has numbed my ability to distinguish anything individual….”

For the complete review please click on the following Link:

Review: Appleton 151 Dark Jamaican Rum

I did a little mixology research  for this review and found two nice punch constructions which I used with the Appleton Dark Jamaican Rum to great effect.The Punch recipes are “forrest Approved”, and I think you will enjoy them!

I must also thank the Edmonton chapter of The RUM CHUMS for providing this sample for me to review.  Thanks guys I appreciate all the help you provide!


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