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Whisky Review: McClellands Highland Single Malt

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 18, 2010

The McClelland’s whisky brand is comprised of four main expressions, each associated with a particular region, or maybe I should say style, of Scottish whisky.  The Brand is owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers, but each whisky in the line up is distilled separately in the region for which it is named.  For example, the McClelland’s Highland Single Malt Whisky, is distilled in the Highland region of Scotland and selected to represent the character and essence of that particular whisky region and style.

In this respect the McClelland’s Single Malt Whiskies have been constructed very well as in a blind taste test I was able without much difficulty to determine the Scotch whisky region each bottle represented.

Over the next several weeks I shall be examining the McClelland range of whiskies doing a separate review for each regional whisky.  Here is an excerpt from the first review for the McClelland Highland Single Malt Scotch:

“The whisky is somewhat of a pale orange/gold colour in the glass.   When I swirl the glass I notice only a light oil and very skinny legs on the sides of the glass.  I receive distinct floral notes combined with laid back malty sugars . Rising up immediately after wards are scents of elderberries…”

The complete review may be read here….

Review: McClellands Highland Single Malt

Please enjoy the review!


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