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Rum Review: Appleton Estate 21 Yr Old Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 31, 2010

This is the final review in my series of Appleton Estate Rum Reviews, which I began to publish about two months ago.  The impetus for the review series was an invite offered to me to attend a free tasting of Appleton rums in my hometown.  I received a small sample bottle of Appleton VX, and since I owned just about every other Appleton Estate Rum up to the 21 year old I thought it would be fun to review them all.  The 30 year old just about to be released in my locale will be missing from this review series unless I can acquire a sample at a later date.

Although the reviews have been published separately spaced out over two months, I did a lot of comparative tasting between the various ages and styles of Appleton.  My final reviews scores are accurate reflections of how I judge these rums relative to each other.  You can find all of my Appleton Reviews on the side of the blog in the Page menu which for your convenience lists all of the rums I have reviewed alphabetically.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…The rum is a rich dark brown colour which leaves a thick film on my glass when it is swirled. This film slowly releases thick fat legs back into the rum.  As I watch the legs slowly crawl down the sides of the glass, the rum brings forth mild brown sugar and orange citrus notes.  But.. as you wait the nose begins to change…”

You may read more here:

Review: Appleton Estate 21 Yr Old Rum

As well my friend forrest and I have collaborated on a new cocktail we call THE MONK’S UNCLE.

Enjoy the review and cocktail.


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