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Whisky Review: Cooper’s Choice – Mortlach 1979

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 29, 2010

Cooper’s Choice – Mortlach 1979

I have a thing for well aged whisky. I love the spirits which have been aged 15 … 20 even 25 years. I also have a soft spot for a bargain. So when I spied a 25 year old Scotch for only $125 bucks, I was like a hungry fish spying a shiny new lure. In spite of my firm resolution to only buy what I sample first, I was hooked! I did not even put up much of a fight.

The Cooper’s Choice seems to be a relatively new third party bottler who have stepped into my market place bringing in Scotch whisky from distillers who typically do not bottle their own products.   In this case the Mortlach Distillery in Dufftown,   a Speyside distillery.

(I know what you are thinking and No! This is not the home of Duff Beer,  The Simpson’s and the Mortlach Distillery are not related.)

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…The nose prepared me for the onslaught from the bottle.  My palate was filled with a triumvirate of heavy smoke, heavy oak, and 92 proof alcohol.  It pretty much knocked my taste buds back and crippled them to the other nuances.  It was not until I rested my palate, and added an ice-cube that I was able to taste the other nuances of the dram…..”

You may read the full review here:

Review: The Cooper’s Choice – Mortlach 1979


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