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Whisky Review: Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 17, 2010

Henry Corby began his  involvement in the distilling industry in approximately 1841, buying and selling grain at a grist-mill on the banks of the Moira River.  By 1859, his  distillery operation had become as important as his milling operation and so the distillery was incorporated as a separate company.

In 1881, Henry’s son, Henry (Harry), took over, and through the next ten years the Company began to bottle their own brand of whisky and sold it under the name of Corby. From 1905 to 1935, the company experienced a series of mergers and acquisitions which first resulted in the assets of Corby, and Wiser’s being consolidated and then in 1935, Hiram Walker –  Gooderham & Worts Ltd. became the majority shareholder in the H. Corby Distillery Limited, acquiring 51% of the company’s equity.

Throughout the period of the 1960’s to the present, Corby established itself as a leading spirits company, expanding the distribution of its domestic portfolio and increasing its representation of internationally renowned spirits.  Acquisitions of leading worldwide brands and trademarks, and an expansion of the portfolio to include rum, gin,and vodka, as well as other spirits has allowed the company to enter the global stage with its portfolio of products. Currently Corby Royal Reserve, Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky, and the Wiser’s family of whiskies are all produced by Corby Distilleries Limited.

I was presented with a bottle of Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whisky about eight weeks ago from the National Brand Ambassador for Corby and Wiser’s.  This was part of a larger allotment of samples which was provided when they learned I planned to do a series of reviews of their whiskies on my blog. The bottle is labeled as a Canadian rye spirit and is bottle at 40 % alcohol by volume. Here is an excerpt from my review:

…I taste a nice old-fashioned rye profile with a light dryness that goes for the tonsils.  The rye is crisp on the tongue with the dryness has the ability to slightly pucker the palate.  A good dose of caramel arrives with the rye, and the oak spices carry flavours of  fresh fruit and citrus peel…

You may read the rest of the review here:

Review: Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whisky


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