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Review Revisitation: Lamb’s Blacksheep Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 23, 2010

It is time for another review revisitation.  I have returned to this very early review which was part of the original set of reviews I opened the blog with, but which upon further reflection required  a more thorough study. Lamb’s Blacksheep Rum is a really fun rum for me, but I had better warn you that the rum will not be for all palates.  It is supercharged with cinnamon as the main spice so if cinnamon is not your thing you may want to take that into account.


Alfred Lamb is presumed to have opened his wine and spirits business in London in 1849.  His method of aging rum in his cellars under the Thames River is reputed to be one of the secrets behind his rum’s  unexpectedly smooth taste. Lamb’s Blacksheep Spiced Rum is a relatively new offering from Lamb’s and is part of the Corby stable of North American Brands.  This is what the Corby’s website has to say regarding the Blacksheep…

“…Lamb’s® Black Sheep Spiced Rum is produced and blended in small batches to ensure consistency of the complex flavour profile that is unique to the rum category. Our ingredients – the finest cinnamon from Korintje,Madagascar-bourbon vanilla and lime essence from Mexico have been carefully selected from around the world to ensure optimal enjoyment on the palate…”

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…I would classify this rum as a mixer rather than a sipper.  It’s not that I can’t sip Lamb’s Blacksheep, I can and occasionally I do; but, the flavour profile is like a sweet cinnamon candy.  I love this overcharge of cinnamon, and the inviting vanilla underneath.…”

You may read the full review here:

Review Revisitation: Lamb’s Blacksheep Rum

As with all of my review revisitations, I have left the original review published under the new review for comparison.


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