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Rum Review: Bermudez Ron Viejo Blanco

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 29, 2010


This is the fourth review I am publishing with respect to the rums of Ron Bermudez. I previously reviewed the Ron Anejo Bermudez 5 Anos; the Bermudez Don Armando; and the Bermudez Anniversario upon my blog using sample bottles provided to my by J. Ernesto Orozco of  Biwest Imports Ltd.  My sample bottle of the Bermudez Ron Viejo Blanco rum was also supplied by Biwest Imports Ltd., as they are introducing the Bermudez rums into my home Province of Alberta.

The Bermudez Distillery is the oldest commercial rum distillery in the Dominican Republic.  The words on the bottle  ‘Viejo Blanco’ translate from Spanish to English as ‘Old White’, indicating to me that the Bermudez rum is an aged clear rum.  Exactly how old I am not sure, but I expect, based upon the particular wording used here, that the rum is aged anywhere from 1/2 year to 3 years.

I found the Bermudez Ron Viejo Blanco  to be a surprisingly high quality ‘white’ rum.  Here is an excerpt from my review:

” …The Bermudez Ron Viejo is very similar in taste profile to the Bermudez Don Armando which I reviewed earlier.  It is not quite as suave and smooth as the 10-year-old, but is it perhaps one of the smoothest ‘blanco’ rums I have encountered to date.  It is slightly sweet in the mouth, but still carries enough spice to warm the tonsils…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Bermudez Ron Viejo Blanco


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