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Rum Review: Santiago De Cuba Ron Anejo

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 5, 2010

Pictured to the right is a bottle of Ron Anejo Santigo de Cuba, an authentic Cuban rum which was provided for me to sample. I was asked me to take the bottle home with me, try a few ounces and to provide an opinion. I decided it would be nice to share this opinion on my blog as well.

I have found very little information about the rum, other than what I can decipher from the label and the smattering of information on the internet where it is sold by some internet dealers as an 11-year-old rum, and others as simply an anejo rum without age statement.  I also ran across claims that this was Fidel Castro’s favourite rum.  A claim which I can neither confirm nor deny.

Here is a clip from my review:
..The mouth is clean and slightly sharp with orange peel, lime and oak spice.  Mild toffee and almonds combine with  charred coconut, and perhaps a hint of treacle. There is the vaguest hint of leather and smoke but these elements are underdeveloped…”

You may read the rest of the review here:

Rum Review: Santiago De Cuba Ron Anejo


2 Responses to “Rum Review: Santiago De Cuba Ron Anejo”

  1. Tommy Morgan said

    I have just got back from a trip to Cuba and this became my favourite rum (Ron) while I was there. 2 separate waiters in Hotels informed me Santiago de Cuba is the Islands finest. As with other rum’s there are various ages available, the oldest i saw (But couldn’t afford to taste) was 150yr old, this cost 1700 Cuban Cuc. If the cheaper stuff is a bench mark, that stuff must be the taste of heaven.

    • Hi Tommy

      Beware the assumption that price equals quality. I have commented in the past of how the ‘super-aged’ spirit is not necessarily priced in a matter that is consistent with the quality of the spirit which is in the bottle.

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