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Review: Century Reserve 21 Year Old Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 15, 2010

In November of 2005, Highwood Distilleries Ltd. finalized the purchase of Potter’s Distilleries (founded by Ernie Potter in 1958). Part of this acquisition, was the purchase of all of the remaining aged barrel stocks of whisky in the Potter’s facility. These barrels of whisky were then transferred from the Potter’s warehouse facilities in Kelowna B.C. to the newly constructed warehouse facility in High River, Alberta, where they were allowed to continue to age at the foot of the Rocky Mountains on the western edge of the Canadian Prairies.

The brands which Potter’s had established, Potter’s Special Old Canadian Whisky, and the Century Reserve Brands were continued and expanded upon. Subtle changes in the taste of these whiskies may be occurring due to the change in location of the aging warehouse; however, these Potter’s brands are still produced  entirely from the aging whisky reserves which were originally distilled and barreled at the Potter’s Distillery.

I was recently provided with a sample of one of these brands, the Century Reserve 21 Year Old Whisky, a corn whisky produced from a single bond, and not blended.  In fact, we are able to call this a 21-year-old single grain whisky, which is a rarity upon the landscape of Canadian Whisky.

Here is a snippet from my review:

“…The initial entry in the mouth is mellow with a flavour of soft corn leading the way. Butterscotch, and a honeyed oaky spice quickly follow making the whisky lively in the mouth but not sharp and uncomfortable…”

You may read the entire review here:

Review: Century Reserve 21 Year Old Canadian Whisky


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