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An Evening with Legendario

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 23, 2010

A few weeks ago I received an email from Owen Fieldberg of götchya pröducktos Inc. inviting me to a special industry tasting of the Legendario line-up of Rums. The tasting was set for September 21, at one of my favourite stores Aligra Wine and Spirits.  All of the local Venders  who sold the Legendario Elixir de Cuba were invited, and it was basically a sneak peek into the new Legendario Rum line-up.  Here is what we tasted:

Legendario  Elixir de Cuba 34% – 2 – 4 Year

Legendario Añejo 38% – 1 to 6 year

Legendario El Dorado 38 % – aged  Gold

Legendario Blanco 40% – aged White

Photo Courtesy

The highlight of the evening was meeting Jesus Lester Pomo the Export Manager from the Legendario headquarters in Spain. Mr. Pomo is a Cuban National (living in Spain) who is responsible for the world-wide export of the Legendario Rums.  Mr. Pomo spoke briefly about each rum and then poured generous samples for all of us to try.  He even showed me a trick for sampling and tasting I had never seen before.  When he poured my sample of the Anejo, he also poured a tiny bit on my wrist.  I was asked to spread it around a little and then to take a nice deep wiff.  Nice!  The warmth from my wrist carried the aroma upwards and gave me a delicious invitation to sample the glass.

I have already reviewed the Legendario Elixer de Cuba here on my blog, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t also give a little indication of each of the other spirits:

The Lengendario El Dorado and Legendario Blanco each exhibited a bevy of character and aroma in the glass. I found the white rum (Legendario Blanco) carried much more flavour in the mouth than many of these new well aged whites which have recently entered the market.  The Gold rum (Legendario El Dorado) was even more flavourful, and each of these rums had a satisfying ‘kick’ to impart to my tonsils.

The Legendario Anejo was silky smooth and suave with excellent favours of rummy caramel and oak spice. It was easily my favourite spirit of the afternoon.  The rum was very well-balanced and at 38 % alcohol strength the Anejo satisfied at all levels.  I am looking forward to mid November when this rum should enter the Alberta marketplace.

I plan to obtain a sample bottle so that I can share a review.


6 Responses to “An Evening with Legendario”

  1. I’ve just realized that the rum in my possession is the Legendario Añejo 40%, not the nine year old. The funny thing is, my (rudimentary) translation of Legendario’s page suggests the thing is blended from a 47% solera, plus a one, a four and a six year old. That’s an odd blend. Do you know anything else about it?

  2. The 9 yr old anejo is now available: I just picked up a bottle, ~$35. Odd taste, I’m having trouble separating out the components. Back for a second try this week 🙂

  3. rus said

    thanx for the review.we now have added the 9yr old to our wish list for the spring.just back from the orient with 2 one litre bottles of jw green.a bit of a muddle thru customs as it is over the 1.5 litre limit…very anal cheers rus

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