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Expanding the Recipe Section

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 5, 2010

The Comfortable Cocktail

I noticed a few days ago that my recipes are beginning to feel some love from a few readers here and there.  A few are even being reprinted on other cocktail websites. It reminded me that I have been promising to bring all of my recipes into one section of my blog rather than having them scattered throughout the reviews.  So this is the beginning of a serious attempt to do just that.

I began with my latest recipe Savalle Row, which was the suggested recipe for my last review.  A nice sipping cocktail which uses triple sec and lime with cranberry juice and premium rum.

Comfortable in Hispaniola, was a nice recipe which combined Southern Comfort with Dominican Rum.  When I moved the cocktail to the recipe section, I realized the requirement for Dominican Rum was probably unnecessary.  So I changed the name of the cocktail to the Comfortable Rum Cocktail and only recommended Dominican rum.

The Cosmopolitan Rum Swizzle is a nice long drink which uses light and dark rum with Cointreau, Cranberry and Lime. Its a nice refreshing swizzle style cocktail which just begs to be mixed on a hot day.

I also added a recipe which was designed for a very specific rum. A Slow Walk in the Jungle uses sloe gin, a lot of fruit juice, and ice to combine with a particularly flavourful rum.  The name of the cocktail refers to the nose of the Renegade Jamaica 2000 rum which is full of so much bouquet that I refered to it as a ‘jungle’ in my original review.

The last recipe I added today is designed for those tobacco filled Bajan Rums from Barbadoes. The Bajan Rum Cocktail is based upon the Berry Cocktail, (, but,  I use a little more juice to make the drink refreshing, and simple syrup instead of grenadine.  And of course a dark Bajan rum instead of white rum.

All of these recipes have been added to the recipe menus today. Hopefully I can over the next ten weeks continue to add until all of my recipes are finally in a spot where they can be found.

Cheers Everyone!


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