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And Now for Something Different: Bols Blue

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 10, 2010

Last week I wrote about a Lucas Bols Event at the Devlin Lounge in Edmonton.  I alluded to a brand new cocktail I designed in honor of the 5th annual Bols Around The World Cocktail Competition. This competition is open to all bartenders across the world and although I am no bartender I could not resist breaking open my bottle of Bols Blue and try to get my creative juices flowing.  I started with a well-known Bols Recipe, Electric Lemonade. This is a vodka based drink which combines vodka with Bols Blue in a tall refreshing bar drink that I like very much.

I could not help thinking as I enjoyed it, that I would really like to substitute out the Vodka and replace it with a really good quality gin.  So I omitted the sugar syrup from the recipe, played with the proportion of Bols Blue to Gin, and tried varying amounts of each ingredient until I had it tasting just right.   Last night a few friends were over to watch a movie, and I gave my cocktail the final test.   (My friends claim to despise gin so it is fun to mix up a drink and prove them wrong.)

The verdict was unanimous as all of my friends loved this long sexy bar drink.  Thus my fully tested cocktail creation for the Bols 5th Annual Cocktail Competition is now revealed:

Big Blue Sexy

(please click on the link for the recipe)


Of course I could not resist providing a full review of the Bols Blue (Curacao) Liqueur that I received as a gift at the Bols Event.  Here is a link to the Bols Blue (Curacao) review:

Review: Bols Blue (Curacao)

I hope everyone enjoys the cocktail and the review!


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