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A Little Love for the Caipirinha

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 13, 2010



There happens to be a cocktail which just might be one of the most popular in the world, which I’ll bet a lot of you have never tried… the Caipirinha!

You probably have never tried it because it is made from Cachaca, Brazil’s popular rum like beverage. Cachaça (Portuguese pronunciation: kaˈʃasɐ) is a sugar cane spirit made from fermented and distilled sugarcane juice.

While rum is known everywhere outside of Brazil, within Brazil, Cachaca is the sugarcane spirit the locals enjoy. In fact, it happens to be the most popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil. According to wikipedia (2007 figures), 1.3 billion liters are produced annually. (I will admit that I did a double take when I read that figure as that is a whole lotta Cachaca being produced and consumed!)

Cachaça is different from the Rum you are familiar with in that rum is usually made from molasses, whereas Cachaça is as I said above, made from sugarcane juice.  The resulting spirit, Cachacha, is typically less sweet than rum.  This makes it an ideal mixer for tropical drinks.

The drink of choice for the Cachaca connoisseur is the Caipirinha!  In fact it just happens to be the National Drink of Brazil, where all that 1.3 billion liters of Cachaca is consumed.  I decided to investigate the Caipirinha, and what I found out was that the Brazilians are onto something very good!  The drink is kind of like a Daiquiri on ice. It is extremely refreshing and extremely tasty!

So in honor of the Caipirinha, I have added the recipe to my data base.

Here is the Link!


Please enjoy this wonderful cocktail responsibly!


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