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Revisting Mount Gay Extra Old

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 3, 2011

One of my very early rum reviews was for Mount Gay Extra Old Rum (MGXO). In fact, this was one of the ten original reviews that I published to open my site back in October 2009. Since that time, when the occasion has presented itself for me to revisit these early reviews, I have done so. This is because I acknowledge that my earliest reviews were perhaps a little fragmentary, and that my experience since these earlier reviews has grown with my understanding of rum and whisky.

In the interests of fairness, I have left my older review at the bottom of the review page such that this evolution will be obvious to my readers.

The Mount Gay Extra Old Rum (MGXO) is produced in a traditional style using copper pot stills. The rum is double distilled and aged in American white oak barrels which were previously used to age Kentucky bourbon. This is a well aged rum with the blend consisting of a wide range of rums from 7 years of age up to 15 years of age.  I received the sample bottle for this review from Scott Parker of  Select Wines who are the importers of Mount Gay Rums in my locale.

Here is a snippet from my review:

“…As the glass decants, the aroma sweetens and I can smell a sweeter brown sugar within the molasses as well as luxurious baking spices. As I continue to allow the nose to develop, I get additional scents of roasted marshmallows, oak spices, ripe fruit, and scattered tea leaves. Hints of faint copper-like scents, unsweetened cocoa and an indistinct cigar-like aroma are drifting in and out of the breezes. This is deep and complex…”

You may read the full review here:

Rum Review: Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados Rum


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