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Whisky Review: Canadian Club Premium

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 19, 2011

Hiram Walker was the visionary American entrepreneur (born in New England), that immigrated north to Ontario and set about creating a most distinctive brand of Canadian Whisky which became known as Canadian Club. Although he began his distilling days in Michigan, he perfected his craft north of the American border in what would become Walkerville, Ontario. The whisky which Hiram Walker created was unique. He utilized methods of production which were not just unusual, but actual contrary to common whisky practices of the day, and his Canadian Club whisky is even today made in that contrary fashion being the only major whisky brand in the world to be blended before being aged in oak barrels, (Blended at Birth).

Canadian Club Whisky is now the oldest (and probably the most influential) Canadian Whisky brand in the world.  It is found in over 150 countries, with sales in Canada that are unmatched by any other whisky brand. The company has been granted numerous Royal Warrants from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth and it has been reported that Canadian Club was the whisky of choice when Al Capone smuggled thousands of Cases of Canadian Whisky into the USA during prohibition.

Today Canadian Club Premium is the flagship brand for the company. It is aged for a minimum of 6 years in white oak barrels and bottled at 40 per cent alcohol by volume.  Still ‘Blended at Birth’, the whisky affectionately called C.C. by its adherents is practically a Canadian Institution.

Here is a snippet from my review:

“….The flavour is full of damp tobacco and fermenting fruit flavours. The C.C. whisky is spicy too, with oak tannins disguised as orange peel zest heating up the mouth. Caramel flavours seep in and out as does an impression of vanilla….”

My full review may be read here:

Review: Canadian Club Premium

As is my usual style I have included my favourite Canadian Club cocktail at the end of my review.


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