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Review: O2 Premium Sparkling Vodka

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 28, 2011

O2 Premium Sparkling Vodka bills itself as the world’s first Premium Sparkling Vodka. When I sampled this spirit at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival I was actually quite smitten by what I encountered, hints of citrus, and some awesome tiny bubbles filling my mouth. Anyone who has read some of my reviews, and the cocktails which I like to construct for the various spirits I have sampled, realizes that I am a soda loving  person. A spirit that combines my love of soda bubbles with a light crisp taste really has my attention from the get go.

I contacted the importer of O2 Vodka, Premium Imports, to see about getting a sample to review on my blog. After a few months they came through in spades with samples of each the O2 Premium Sparkling Vodka and the 945 Super Premium Sparkling Vodka.  Both versions have those wonderful champagne-like bubbles. These bubbles are supposed to stimulate the taste-buds accentuating the flavours of food the vodka is served with, and the flavours of the cocktails the vodka is served in.

I invited several of my good friends over for a Vodka Tasting where we put the O2 Premium Sparkling Vodka through the rigors of my review methodolgy.  Here is an excerpt from the resulting review:

“…The initial aroma from the glass is of a very light citrus, and my initial reaction to the Sparkling Vodka was positive as the first sip covered my tongue….”

You may read the full review here:

Review: O2 Premium Sparkling Vodka

As well I have included a new recipe called, The Pomerenke. Please enjoy the review and the new cocktail.


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