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Review: The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Year Old Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 1, 2011

Permission to use this picture was granted by J.L. Wheelock

The oak casks which age The Macallan Sherry Oak Whiskies have been selected from refill Sherry casks originating in Jerez Spain where they previously held aged sherry for two years. Using two-year old Sherry casks is an expensive proposition; however, the makers of The Macallan Whiskies believe that the resulting combination of rich Sherry seasoning, and relatively young oak casks will result in a superior whisky. Indeed in my review I note the strong oak influence which sits astride the Sherry enhancement.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…Upon nosing the glass, smoke-filled sherry notes of raisins, prunes, and dates present themselves forcefully. Damp tobacco, and notes of caramelized brown sugars abound. I also detect a strong oak presence giving the glass somewhat of a cognac flair…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Year Old

Please enjoy the review!


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