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Review: Old Port Deluxe Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 7, 2011

Old Port Deluxe Rum is distilled and aged at Amrut’s facility in Bangalore India from Indian sugar cane. This cane has a unique and exotic taste all its own making this a truly different taste experience for a ‘Western’ palate like mine.  My original review was published in October of 2009 very shortly after I opened my website. As with all of my early reviews it is terse and to the point. Some persons have told me confidentially that they enjoyed my early reviews which, although they were not as professionally written as my current reviews, seemed to reflect a certain enthusiasm and passion.  I guess I will let you see for your self.

Here is an excerpt from my very first review of a rum produced in India:

“…I can taste real complexity here. Touches of soy sauce, caramel, cinnamon and Brazil nuts. Very Complex but there is a slight touch of bitterness just hiding around the corner. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. This easily ranks up in texture and richness with the best rums I have tasted but I will warn you that it is a very different sort of taste….”

Please enjoy this early review re-posted for those who may have missed it.

Review:  Old Port Deluxe Rum

If you are interested in rums from India then this review may also be of interest to you:

Review: McDowell’s No. 1 Celebration Rum

Enjoy the reviews!


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