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Review: Plantation Barbados (Grande Reserve) 5 Year Old Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 28, 2011

The Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum is a Bajan rum blend which has been aged for five years in bourbon casks. The rum was transported from Barbados to France by Cognac Ferrand to be placed in used Cognac casks to enhance the rum before it was bottled as part of Cognac Ferrand’s growing line-up of Plantation Rum.

Cognac Ferrand has a special relationship with a variety of Caribbean rum producers. This relationship is based upon the rum producer’s need for quality oak casks to age their rum. Based upon this relationship, Cognac Ferrand is able to acquire certain old and unique batches of rum from various Caribbean sources, which they bring back to France and finish in their own warehouses and of course their own Cognac Casks.

I was given eight sample bottles, each 200 ml in size, which represent a good portion of the Plantation Rum line-up. The Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve is the third of these samples which I have chosen to review here on my blog.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…As the glass decanted the leathery mustiness evaporated into the breezes, and was replaced by a smell of tarnished blue-green pennies with perhaps a bit of seaside brine and kelp rising in the air as well. The caramel molasses I noted earlier has began to release baking spices into the air, and some charred aromas of coconut have begun to lift from the glass along with some banana and vanilla. I like how the complexity continues to build as the glass sits…”

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Plantation Barbados (Grande Reserve)

Please enjoy the review!


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