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Review: Canadian Club Reserve Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 21, 2011

Canadian Club Whisky is the oldest and probably the most influential brand of Canadian Whisky in the world. It can be found in over 150 countries and boasts sales in Canada that are unmatched by any other premium whisky brand. Its popularity spiked during the days of Prohibition when Canadian Club was the whisky of choice for smugglers and whiskey runners, and it has even been reported that Canadian Club was the whisky of choice for Al Capone who is said to have smuggled thousands of cases of Canadian Whisky into the USA .

The Canadian Club Reserve is a step up from the previously reviewed Canadian Club Premium. Still ‘Blended at Birth’, the whisky is a mixture of rye, rye malt, corn and barley spirits.  Although separately distilled, these spirits are blended before being placed in white oak barrels where the blend ages for a minimum of 10 years.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…In the air, a light toffee has developed which has that same almond taint I noticed in the younger Canadian Club whisky. Dank tones of corn and tobacco are present as well as a light smokiness which hints at baked apples. A dusty rye and light oak spices weave in and out of the aroma which is noticeably more complex than the Canadian Club Premium…”

Here is a link to my full Review:

Review: Canadian Club Reserve Whisky

I have included a nice cocktail with the review called the Woodcutter. I hope you enjoy the review and the cocktail.



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