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Review: Old Sam Demerara Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 25, 2011

The original recipe for Old Sam Demerara Rum stretches back to 1797 when Edward Young & Co. (from London & Liverpool, England) imported their rum from the Caribbean (primarily from Guyana) and brought the first barrels marked ‘Old Sam’ to London, England. Today the rum no longer travels to England to be blended and bottled, rather it travels to Newfoundland where it is blended and bottled by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC). The entire blend hails from Guyana, and I have been informed that the age of these rums in the blend is no younger than 2 years old. In fact some of the rum in the blend may be as old as 12 years, but as the rum is blended to a specific taste profile, the oldest rum in the blend may change from batch to batch. I was given a sample of the Old Sam Demerara Rum by Greg Kerr of the NLC for the purpose of my review.

Here is an Excerpt from that review:

“…The taste of molasses, candied caramel and orange peel leads out into the mouth but these flavours are soon accompanied by tobacco and musty leather. I also taste a dry fruity flavour which reminds me of raisins and prunes with perhaps a few figs and dates thrown in for good measure…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Old Sam Demerara Rum

I have included a nice recipe which I call the Maritime Mai Tai.

Please enjoy my review!


9 Responses to “Review: Old Sam Demerara Rum”

  1. Wilsom G. Hamlyn said

    Over the past 30 years i have consumed a tanker full of OLD SAM It is definitely the best rum . especially with 3 ice cubes and
    a sprinkle of seven up!

  2. martin ramsden said

    tried it tonight for the first time reminds me of good old Lemon Hart my default rum and coke rum

  3. dad said

    on a cold night with a chill in the air nothing warms the heart soul and bones like an old sam and hot chocolate….. chocolate sams are the best.

  4. Wadayah At said

    Sweet and delicious, my fav for many years! And I love the label slogan: “Forever Young” !

  5. mrmcquaid said

    No better rum & coke than an Old Sam one. The “Sam scum” on the top is the icing on top of the cake!

    • You are right about the ‘Sam Scum” although I think of it as more of a foam than as sum. Some call it the ‘Old Sam Froth’. But whatever we call it, it adds just that liitle bit extra to the rum and cola!

  6. twartman said

    Great review of my favorite rum! Fond memories of drinking “dark & dirties” with the boys playing darts.

  7. john dolan said

    How does Old Sam compare with Pusser’s 8 year old, my favorite, even over the 15 year old ?

    • I really love Pusser’s 15 and I agree the Pusser’s 8 is really good also. The Pusser’s rums have quite a bit more orange peel bite in the flavour than Old Sam and this makes them quite a bit spicier. If you like that hot spice in the mouth, I would stick to Pusser’s, but if you want a rum a little more earthy, I would go Old Sam.

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