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Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky Revisited

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 4, 2011

When I mentioned to Dave Gordon, the Regional Manager of Shiralli Agencies that I was reviewing a few Canadian whiskies on my website this summer. He arranged for me to receive a bottle of Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky to re-acquaint myself with the Forty Creek style. Although I have previously reviewed this whisky, I felt it was appropriate to revisit it and provide a new review. (I have left my original review at the bottom of the review page so that my readers can easily see what changes I noted in the blend since my first review.)

Here is an excerpt from the new review:

“…I allowed the glass to decant and began to notice a nice marmalade scent alongside the corn and caramel. Some light baking spices were developing as was a delicate smokiness. As the glass was allowed to breathe the baking spices seemed to deepen with obvious tinctures of vanilla growing in the breezes. In fact, the longer you allow the glass to sit and breathe, the more scents and aromas seem to drift up from the glass…”

Here is a link to the full review:

Review: Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky

I have provided a nice elegant cocktail with the review which I call, Autumn Glow.

Please Enjoy the review and the cocktail!


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