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Review: Lemon Hart Demerara 151 Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 6, 2011

A few weeks ago I received a bottle of the ‘new’ Lemon Hart Demerara 151 Rum from the Canadian Brand Owner, Mosaiq for the purpose of a review on my website. I call it the ‘new’ Lemon Hart Demerara 151 Rum because of a few changes that the rum has undergone after it was sold by Pernod Ricard to Mosaiq.

When the brand was owned by Pernod Ricard the rum was bulk shipped from Guyana to the Hiram Walker Distillery in Ontario, Canada. It was aged in Canada, and for tax purposes, it was blended with 1.5 % of the content being Canadian distilled rum.

Mosaiq has changed things a little. The rum is now blended with 100 % Guyanese rum and all of the rum is aged in Guyana rather than in Canada. It is bottled in Canada by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) for Mosaiq. I wish I had a bottle of the old blend to compare against, but since I do not, my review will concentrate solely on the merits of the newest blend. Here is an excerpt from that review:

“…I can smell molasses and rummy burnt caramel which seems to come in waves at me. Dark dried fruits like prunes and raisins rise up as well in a bouquet that despite the astringency is very complex and enticing. Baking spices build quickly, and smells of rich brown sugars enter the fray as well as the sweet aroma of canned fruit (peaches and apricots)…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Lemon Hart Demerara 151 Rum

As well I have included a nice recipe from Tiare (A Mountain of Crushed Ice) called the Guyana Zombie as well as a brand new recipe of my own called Hart Breaker.

Please Enjoy the review and the recipes!


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