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Review: Wiser’s Legacy Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 30, 2011

On November 11, 2009 I published my review of Wiser’s Red Letter Whisky. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email the very next day from  Corbys Distillers (Canadian Office). Apparently my review had been noticed, and they were interested if I maybe would like to receive a lab sample of a new whisky,  Wiser’s Legacy.

Of course the answer was yes. This is something that every reviewer wants, a chance to test his or her palate on a new spirit with very little information in the public realm to pollute the tasting notes. No other information was sought or obtained by myself. The review was as clean as a review could get and I posted it almost two years ago as a First Impression review (I lacked any information on the bottle presentation which is included in all my full reviews).

It took nearly two years for me to receive a picture of the final bottle (J-peg) so that I could properly move the review from the First Impressions area of my website to my Canadian Whisky reviews section of the website.

Here is an excerpt from my finalized review:

“…Thick oil coats the throat with an oak and spice explosion.  The exit leaves the mouth puckered somewhat from the dry woodiness, and the throat is assaulted by spices which grow hotter in the throat than they were in the mouth. At the end of the finish, typical Canadian rye flavours  finally appear en masse  to battle the youthful oak down the throat.  The overall impression is that something awesome just might have happened in my throat, but it is hard to describe exactly what it was…”

Here is a link to my full Review:

Review: Wiser’s Legacy Canadian Whisky

Please enjoy the review!


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