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Introducing Ceili’s Cream

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 10, 2011

Last week I reviewed Ceili’s Cream Cappuccino and I found it to be a likable cream liqueur with a nice firm coffee flavour. This week I had a chance to taste another Cream Liqueur from Highwood Distilleries, the lightly flavoured Ceili’s Cream. Ceili (pronounced Kay-lee) is an Irish word for a sort of community get-together complete with music, song, dance, and of course, a little food and the drink. Thus Ceili’s Cream is produced to be a Cream Liqueur  suitable for such an occasion. It is a product of Highwood Distillers, and is a cream liqueur which melds authentic Canadian Whisky with a lightly flavoured cream. It is bottled at 15 % alcohol by volume, and occupies the same market niche as Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Kahlua.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…The flavour in the mouth is rather sweet with butterscotch and vanilla accented by hints of mocha. The rye influence is very noticeable, and I suspect that some persons will really like this while others would prefer the rye to be more buried in the cream and butterscotch. I also taste a little hint of spice…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Ceili’s Cream



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