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Review: Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 Year Old Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 19, 2012

Flor de Caña has a history of rum production which is dated to 1890 at the San Antonio Sugar Mill, in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. The company was founded by Francisco Alfredo Pellas and today, over 120 years later, the company is led headed by the fifth generation of the Pellas family. It has grown to be not only one of Central America’s leading brands of rum, it is also one of the most recognized rum brands in the world.

According to the company website all of the Flor de Caña rum is produced with molasses from sugar cane harvested in fields adjacent to the distillery in Chichigalpa. It is distilled five times in a continuous column still process, and then laid down to age in small American white oak barrels in traditional aging warehouses built without air conditioning in an undisturbed environment.

The subject of this review, the Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 Year Old Rum is a clear aged rum meant for premium cocktails and mixed drinks. I was given a bottle for review by the local distributor, The Kirkwood Group.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… The initial scents rising into the breezes above the glass reminded me of a very light caramel molasses. I gave the glass a bit of a swirl, and this brought up a rush of astringency into the air, but once this initial astringency passed, I noticed some very nice complex aromas which included banana peel and butterscotch were left behind… “

You may read the full review here:

Review: Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 Year Old Rum

I have included a couple of nice cocktails recipes with the review, the Lemon Muddled Cuba Libra, and Red Sky at Night.

Please enjoy the review and the two cocktails provided!


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