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Review: Citadelle 6C Vodka

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 8, 2012

Citadelle 6C Vodka is a handcrafted spirit produced by Cognac Ferrand. This vodka is initially distilled in a five column still. However the final distillation is carried out on a small copper Charentias pot still. It is during this sixth distillation that very small quantities of a few secret ingredients are incorporated into the distillation. The Citadelle Vodka website gives vague references to special barks and spices but otherwise remains mum on exactly what these secret ingredients are.

It is this sixth distillation which gives the vodka its name, 6C, representing the sixth distillation on the Charentias still which is where the master distiller uses his art to create the delicate flavours which add special character (and delicate flavour) to the Vodka.

This product is not available in my home market. I was sent a bottle by the producer, Cognac Ferrand to review on my website as they welcome the world-wide exposure which my reviews receive. Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… When it was time to sample the Citadelle Vodka, I poured out 5 shot-glasses , one for each of us, and we began to take notes. Everyone agreed the vodka was very clean with only whispers of aroma in the glass. A light touch of grain was all anyone could smell (although at warmer temperature a hint of lemon-lime citrus is also evident)… “

You may read the full review here:

Review: Citadelle 6C Vodka

As well I have included some nice recipes for your enjoyment.

Please enjoy the recipes and my review!



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