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Review: Nemiroff Premium Vodka

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 29, 2012

Nemiroff Premium Vodka was introduced as an elite-class vodka when it first appeared in the Ukrainian market in March of 1999. According to the Nemiroff website, this premium vodka is produced from a triple distilled spirit which must undergo ten stages of purification/filtration. The final spirit is polished to for clarity with a specially prepared absorbent. As with all Nemiroff Vodkas, only natural ingredients and are used in its production.

I received a sample bottle, and was asked to review the Nemiroff Premium Deluxe Vodka the local importer of Nemiroff Vodka here in Alberta, Canada.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… The nose of the Nemiroff vodka when served at this temperature displays a very mild lime citrus with touches of bread dough and a few vaguely sweet and minty scents above the glass. When the Vodka is introduced to my mouth it coats my tongue and my palate with a nice creaminess, and the flavour matches the nose, especially with those light wisps of lime citrus). A spicy grain-like warmth fills the mouth and back of the throat upon swallowing. There is a lingering aftertaste of lime soda….”

You may link to the full review here:

Review: Nemiroff Premium Vodka

Please enjoy the review, and the suggested cocktails which I have provided!



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