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Review: Centennial 10 year Old Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 8, 2012

Centennial is a 10 Year Old Whisky produced by Alberta’s own Highwood Distillers. Rather than using corn to as the base grain for this whisky, Highwood uses soft Canadian winter wheat. This gives the Centennial a smooth and soft flavour profile unlike any other Canadian whisky I have encountered. In fact, using grains grown exclusively on the Canadian prairies, distilling the grain in their home Province of Alberta, and aging the spirit in the severe Western Canadian climate for a minimum of ten years, makes  Centennial is a Whisky unlike any other in the world.

Here is an excerpt from my review (originally posted on December 8, 2009) :

“… A clean crisp rye which fairly oozes honey and spice.  This is polished and subdued, with the hard rye buffed and smoothed.  The spices are light and enjoyable, and I find the balance to be superb.  A purist of Canadian rye may complain that the rye sits too far backward in the taste profile, but I disagree… “

You may read the full review here:

Review: Centennial 10 year Old Canadian Rye Whisky

As well I have provided a nice recipe for Canadian Rye Whisky, The Canadian Whisky Splash!

Please enjoy the review!


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