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Review: Ron Santa Theresa 1796 Antigua de Solero

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 4, 2012

One of my very first rum reviews I wrote when I opened this website was for Ron Santa Theresa 1796 Antigua de Solero. I had the occasion to open another bottle recently, and I decided to revisit the review to flesh out the tasting notes and provide a better description of the rum for my readers.

This is a Venezuelan rum which can trace its ancestry back to the year of 1796 when the Santa Theresa Hacienda was created. It was 200 years later that the Ron Santa Theresa 1796 was produced to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the Hacienda. This is a true Solero rum with 4 rows of aging barrels set one atop each other. As the rum ages, a portion of the rum moves through each row until it reaches the final solero row at the bottom years later. The barrels are not emptied fully and only a portion of the rum from the previous or higher row is moved to the lower row each time. According to the Santa Theresa website, a portion of the rum reaches an age approximating 25 years before bottling.

Here is an excerpt from my updated review:

“… Rich aromas of butterscotch and light smells of molasses join with these fruity scents and the result is most appealing. Wood spices abound and they are tart like cinnamon and cloves. I also sense a deeper imprint of lush dark fruit (plums, dark cherries and raisins) as time passes…”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Ron Santa Theresa 1796 Antigua de Solero

Cheers Everyone!


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