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Review: English Harbour 5 Year Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 19, 2012

The English Harbour 5 Year Rum is a genuine Caribbean rum produced by Antigua Distillery Limited. The rum is named for the Antiguan naval port of English Harbour which was the site of naval confrontations between the English and the French who were the two major naval powers of the 18th Century.

When I contacted the Antigua Distillery regarding my review they indicated to me that the special character of their rum begins with the fermentation process. They use baker’s yeast during their fermentation and allow it to interact with the wild yeast present in the distillery. The use of open top fermenters aids and encourages the marriage of the different yeasts. After fermentation, the English Harbour rum is distilled upon an all copper continuous still. (The Antigua Distillery operates one of the few remaining all-copper continuous stills in the Caribbean.) The rum is aged in once used Kentucky bourbon barrels, and the Distillery’s wood policy states that they must use no. 1 select barry from the cooperage owned by the famous bourbon company. (I will leave you to speculate as to whom that might be.)

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… The initial air above the glass presents a complex aroma of molasses, treacle (burnt caramel), toasted coconut and orange peel. The rum has a smoky quality as well which reminds me of dry fruit (raisins, dates, and prunes). A bit of damp cigar tobacco and some muted almond scents round out the nose …”

You may read my full review here:

Review: English Harbour 5 Year Rum

Please enjoy the review and the cocktail that follows.



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