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Review: Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 19, 2012

Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum – Jamaica Independence Reserve is bottled from a blend of rums which have been aged for a minimum of 50 years. This is the second oldest rum I have ever tasted, the oldest being another Jamaican Rum, (a 58-year-old Gordon and Macphail bottling from the Longpond Distillery).

I was able to taste this rare bottle when I was invited to a private tasting which featured the Appleton Estate 50,  30 , 21, and 12 year old rums as well as the Master Blender’s Legacy. My host provided the 50 Year Old rum for the tasting, and I provided the other rums. Based upon how much money each bottle represented, I got by far the best end of that deal.

Here is an excerpt from my resulting review:

“… I sensed strong notes of oak and orange peel zest rising above the glass imprinted with deep dark brown sugar and baking spices. The dark brown sugar smells grow stronger over time as do the baking spices which display scents of spicy nutmeg, and cinnamon. I also smell walnuts and a strong impression of vanilla.A vague herbal note is in the air as well, which is hard for me to decipher, lemongrass perhaps…”

Please enjoy the review:

Review:  Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum



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