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Top 30 Rums Countdown # 29 – Panama Red 108

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 24, 2012

Panama Red 108 is a Panamanian rum brought to you by PANAMONTE BRANDS. The rum is handcrafted by Master Blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. It is produced from the sugar cane that grew in Las Cabras de Pese, the same region where the Distillery is located. Although the rum is stated as overproof, when I received my first sample bottle two years ago in Miami, Don Pancho  assured me that the rum will feel much smoother in the mouth than a typical overproof rum. (He was right!)

It has as its base, a 3 year molasses based rum which is aged in used Bourbon casks at the distillery warehouse in Pese. That a three-year old rum makes the countdown list is impressive, that the rum is as well, an overproof bottling (bottled at 54 % alcohol by volume), is a testament to the blending expertise Master Blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

# 29 – Panama Red 108

“… The caramel aroma is accented by hints of tobacco and leather, and the oak spices have separated into orange peel and light baking spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and walnuts have all found their way into the breezes. There is also an underlying floral character to the nose which is very inviting…”

Note: For the record, I like overproof spirits. Not only is the alcohol content stronger, but flavours and aroma are also more concentrated. This gives me more versatility when I consume the spirit to find my own sweet spot of flavour. The Panama Red 108 gives me the versatility I desire. But, more importantly, the Panama Red 108 is an excellent sipping rum!



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