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Top 30 Rums Countdown # 28 – Santa Teresa 1796 Antiguo de Solera

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 26, 2012

The Ron Santa Theresa 1796 Antiguo de Solero is a Venezuelan rum which can trace its ancestry back to the year of 1796 when the Santa Theresa Hacienda was created. This is a true Solero rum with 4 rows of aging barrels set one atop each other. As the rum ages, a portion of the rum moves through each row until it reaches the final solero row at the bottom years later. The barrels are never fully emptied as only a portion of the rum from the previous or higher row is moved to the lower row each time.

The Santa Teresa 1796 Antiguo de Solera was well liked by my Panel of Judges making into the Top 30 Rum Countdown as the #28 rum.

#28 – Santa Teresa 1796 Antiguo de Solera

“… the initial aroma seems to be hinting that the spirit at some point in its journey passed through an exotic wine cask which has left an imprint of fruity dark cherries and plums upon the scent of the rum. Rich aromas of butterscotch and light smells of molasses join with these fruity scents and the result is most appealing. Wood spices abound, and they are tart like cinnamon and cloves…”

The appeal of this rum is to visit it when something special is in the winds.



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