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Top 30 Rums Countdown # 21 – Havana Club Selección de Maestros Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 4, 2012

Top 30Selección de MaestrosHavana Club’s new Selección de Maestros Rum is an authentic Cuban rum that has recently replaced the Havana Club Barrel Proof in the portfolio of Havana Club Rums. The rum undergoes a rather unique maturation process where it is first aged in old white oak barrels, and when the final rum is blended, it is then finished in specially ‘selected’ younger finishing casks.

The unique approach to aging and finishing has resulted in a delicious, spicy rum which just happens to have made the cut in the Top Thirty Rums Countdown:

# 21 – Havana Club Selección de Maestros Rum

“… The immediate nose is of sweet toffee, with a nice complement of cinnamon. Nutmeg and cloves work their way into the breezes along with a little oak, some hot orange peel and a touch of green tobacco. As the glass sits, the aroma of toffee intensifies making the rum seem very attractive, which of course leads me to steal a sip…”

The rum has been bottled at 45 % alcohol by volume which makes the flavour just a bit intense which, for my particular palate, is a very good thing!


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