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Important Update to my Menu Pages

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 17, 2013

I have had so many requests to add my scores to my Main Menu Review Pages that today I finally began the huge task.

Check out my new and improved Menu Pages for Gin Reviews, Tequila Reviews, and Vodka Reviews.

Hopefully everyone finds this helpful, and I will continue the work transforming the other menu pages when I catch another stretch of free time.




5 Responses to “Important Update to my Menu Pages”

  1. Great idea…long since thought about (I seem to remember we discussed it some months ago), never actioned. The utility of the concept and your making it happen may make me get off my butt to do the same.

  2. David K. Morgan said

    Awesome Chip! This added feature is much appreciated.

  3. speedtek said

    YES!!! Finally!!
    Although……..given the name of your blog, perhaps you should have started with the menu a little closer to home…… 😉
    Waiting patiently for the rum list to be updated…….. 😀

    • Your patience will be rewarded, however, the Rum List is the most work, and so I need a full day to get it done. Maybe by the weekend….

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