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I am constantly in a state of evolution with respect to how I approach and review various Spirits. My approach so far has been to gauge my enjoyment of a spirit rather than the quality of the spirit.  It is my belief that enjoyment and quality are intrinsically related, but they are not the same thing. For example, I may encounter certain flavours which I do not enjoy and the presence of these flavours may lower my scoring. such a lowering of the score does not represent a lowering of quality. Therefore:

I want to caution the reader not to place too much emphasis on the actual scores that I assign.

The scores reflect my enjoyment and not necessarily yours. Instead try to focus your attention on what factors that I identify which lead me to that score. The elements that I identify which provide enjoyment or distraction are more important than the scores. Particular flavours which appeal to me may not to you. In a manner of speaking, I am asking you to read between the lines of my reviews to ascertain their usefulness for yourself.

Here is a link to my Review Methodology for Rum and Whisky Reviews:

Methodology for Rum and Whisky Reviews

Here is a link to my Review Methodology for Vodka Reviews:

Methodology for Vodka Reviews

At this time my method for Gin, Tequila and Flavoured Spirits follows general guidelines of my Rum and Whisky reviews.

Enjoy the reviews, but more importantly, enjoy the spirits that inspired them!  My aim is to enable you to drink better spirits, not to drink more

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