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On My DeckThis here is just a note to any one who reads my reviews so as to give context to what I am writing.  My reviews are 100% honest expressions of my overall assessment of the enjoyment I receive from the drink which was reviewed. In the beginning, my reviews were based upon spirits which I personally purchased. This has changed as I became more well-known and certain companies began to ask me to review specific spirits.  Receiving review samples may be considered by some as being akin to receiving a perk from a spirits company in return for the review. Therefore in the interests of honesty and transparency, if I have been provided with some sort of perk, or freebie from a spirits company, an importer, or anyone in the trade, with respect to any review I will try to mention it in the review.  If you feel a free sample of rum or whisky may influence me, then at least you will be aware in reading the review that such a sample was given. I honestly do not know whether such perks have influence. As much as anyone tries to be completely honest, it may be true that goodwill gestures on the part of others may cause us to be in a mindset to view them more favourably.

I try to be respectful of companies, importers and distilleries, and I have no axes to grind and no vendettas against any persons or companies in the industry. However if their product is not to my liking I will say so.

Having stated earlier that as much as is possible my reviews are honest reflections of my enjoyment or lack thereof, I also admit that are also just my opinion.  I try to tell the reader what I like and why.  But taste is a funny thing,  and a flavour or aroma which I like, may be a flavour or aroma that you dislike.  I try to let you know what these flavours and aromas are, so that in spite of my likes and dislikes, you may form your own opinion.  Do not get caught up in the scores I assign.  They represent my enjoyment but not necessarily yours.  Instead try to read between the lines of my reviews to ascertain what you may enjoy.

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