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Rum Howler Awards

When I began to publish my Rum Howler Awards, I had no idea how quickly they would grow, nor how popular they would become. Although, these awards were originally meant to be a fun excuse for me to revisit my most favoured distilled spirits and share that re-visitation with you my readers, from the beginning I tried my best to treat the process with respect. Apparently Industry respects my awards too. In the past years I have seen my Rum Howler Award Badge proudly displayed on company websites (see here), on bottle neck ringers (see here), and in the advertising campaigns (see here) of some of the winners. It is my belief that my Rum Howler Awards have become more than just a fun excuse to revisit my most favoured spirits, they have become important markers for both connoisseurs and for industry. Here is the complete summary of all the Rum Howler Awards presented to date:

The 2017 Rum Howler Awards

The 2016 Rum Howler Awards

The 2015 Rum Howler Awards

The 2014 Rum Howler Awards

 The 2013 Rum Howler Awards

The 2012 Rum Howler Awards

The 2011 Rum Howler Awards

The 2010 Rum Howler Awards

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