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El Dorado Rum – The Liquid Gold Event

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 21, 2014

21yo-rEl Dorado Rum – The Liquid Gold Event

I have been invited by the folks at WINE MATTERS…AND MORE DISTRIBUTOR INC. to be the guest host for an El Dorado Rum Event on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 (7:00 pm – 9:00 PM) at Wines and Beyond (Windemere)

Address: 6276 Currents Dr NW, Edmonton

I will be taking everyone through a vertical tasting Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) Luxury Cask Rum El Dorado Rums

Here is the list of Rums I will be presenting:

El Dorado 12 Year Old Special Reserve
El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve
El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve

We will also be serving the new El Dorado Spiced Rum as it is being introduced into the Alberta Market.

During the event I will be sharing my experiences from a recent trip to Guyana (Home of El Dorado Rum) where I was given the opportunity to tour Demerara Distillers Limited’s facilities witnessing the rum production first hand. This was during an important time when the company was transferring rum production from their Old Plant with its amazing Heritage Stills, to their new modern Multi-Column Production Facility.

I will be discussing the implications of the new plant and how we may expect Demerara Distillers Limited and their amazing El Dorado Rum to evolve going forward.

Please contact Wine and Beyond at Windemere (6276 Currents Drive NW, phone: (780) 439-5130 ) to sign up for this Rum Howler Event (which I believe is free)!


5 Responses to “El Dorado Rum – The Liquid Gold Event”

  1. Greg said

    I was at your tasting at Windermere Wine and Beyond last night and it was really enjoyable. It was great to finally meet “the rum master”. You definitely taught me a few things I didn’t know or hadn’t thought about before. I picked up a bottle of El Dorado spiced last night as I was rather impressed by it and want to get my wife off Captian Morgan black spiced. Lol.

    I base all my rum purchases off of your reviews and over the years I’ve narrowed my favourite rums down to about 4.

    Thanks again for last nights tasting.

  2. Jason Snider said

    While I’ve had these three Rums in my collection for a long time (and read the Rumhowler reviews of each a couple times), I’m very much looking forward to your notes on the rums and DDL trip in person. The El Dorado Spiced Rum is something I’m looking forward too, hopefully for purchase as well as tasting… And for what it’s worth the 21 is my favorite too…

  3. Phillip Chiricotti said

    The El Dorado 12 and 21 are near perfection for different reasons. I don’t care for the 15. Frankly, there are other great rums, but these two will stand tall against any rum at any price. The El Dorado 12 is a real bargain. Perfection is a rare thing.

    • The 21 Year Old is my favourite, however I have noticed every time I do a tasting with these three rums, the audience seems equally split between them.

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