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Review: Gordon’s Gin

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 7, 2023

Alexander Gordon founded the Gin Distillery in London in 1769, and although the company is now part of the Diageo conglomerate, they have apparently remained true to their original Gin recipe which includes handpicked juniper berries and other secret botanicals. (According the company website, only 12 persons in the world know the secret recipe.)

Although Gordon’s Gin is about as typically English as gin can be, the version I am reviewing is distilled and made in Canada. (Apparently the gin is distilled to different bottling proofs for different markets, and for the North American market, Diageo has chosen to have the spirit made in Canada.)

Its been twelve years since I last tasted Gordon’s, here is a link to my updated review:

Review: Gordon’s London Dry Gin

“… Gordon’s Gin has an assertive flavour profile with a piny (and mildly bitter) juniper leading out in front. A Lightly sweet lemony citrus follows.  The gin is dry, and as I sip my glass, my mouth puckers …”

Please enjoy this long overdue re-visitation to Gordon’s Gin. You will find that my assessment has changed a little in the twelve years since my last review of this spirit.



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Review: 8Track Spiced Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 5, 2023

Upbeat Spirits is a company that tries to live up to its name. It was founded by two friends, Matt and Jem, who champion and support unsigned musicians, the independent music scene and of course their 8Track Spiced Rum. The name of this rum pays homage to their love of music using a moniker that was inspired by the iconic recording kit from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

8Track is sold as a premium Spiced Rum which, according to their website, begins with a Caribbean rum distilled from sugar cane molasses which is then blended with an 8-year old vintage rum from Barbados. The blended rums are infused with natural ingredients and spices, namely Seville oranges, vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon.

Here is my review of the Upbeat Spiced Rum:

Review: 8Track Spiced Rum

“… The spices are comfortable and seem to grow as the glass sits. Vanilla, Ginger and Orange Peel seem to be the dominant, but the cloves and cinnamon leave a positive impression as well. My thought at this point is that we have a comfortable spiced rum which is perhaps a little more aggressive than the Captain, but not so aggressive that it loses its way …”


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Review: Siempre Rebel Cask Northern Gold Series

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 2, 2023

Recently, I received a new tequila sample from Siempre Tequila, namely Siempre Rebel Cask Northern Gold Series which is a Limited Edition reposado. Siempre’s Rebel Casks explore tequila flavours which result from maturation in specific types of oak barrels which are off the beaten path of the ex-bourbon barrel. These are small bottlings, limited to only a few barrels produced each time.

Siempre Rebel Cask – Northern Gold Series has a Canadian twist as it has been aged for 8 months in a bourbon barrel which had previously been used to age Canadian Maple Syrup.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Siempre Rebel Cask Northern Gold Series

“… I notice a light agave sweetness rising into the breezes followed by somewhat mild but peppery spice with hints of vanilla. The agave gains strength as I nose the glass; but it has been softened by the light sweetness of maple. There is a light build-up of heat as the agave spice slowly releases itself from the light maple sweetness. This is not aggressive nor at this point does it seem overly complex; however it is soft and inviting me to sip …”

Please enjoy this review and stay tuned for my look at Siempre’s excluive new bottling, Exclusivo Edicion Especial Vivo which should be ready soon.


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The Botanist Islay Dry Gin: For Adults Only

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 31, 2023

I posted a review update for one of my favourite gins, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, last March. My intention was to re-visit the gin with an updated review to see if the quality I observed seven years previously had been maintained in the absence of its original creator, Bruichladdich Master Distiller, Jim McEwan, who had retired in 2015.

Of course, once I publish a review it is not always obvious to me how my audience will react to my written words. I try very hard to be clear and precise in my descriptions such that my feelings and judgments are understood correctly by all. However, once I hit the publish button, it really is up to my readers to decide for themselves what my words mean to them.

Rebecca Stern – A Very Stern Word

With that in mind I want to share an email with you that I received from one of my readers, Rebecca Stern. who wanted to share, not just with me, but to her audience as well, an emotional reading of my Botanist review. My words had obviously provoked feelings in Rebecca far beyond my intentions.

Rebecca, a voice actor and Audiobook narrator has her own website, A Very Stern Word, where she tells us little about herself and shares her love of the English language (she is also a violinist  with a love of music).

This is the part of the email she sent me.


First, I must let you know how much my husband and I have been enjoying your reviews. But the reason I am writing is a bit of a strange one.  I am a voice artist, and I would like to read your review from March 2020 of Botanist gin to post on my YouTube page as a type of long-form meditation. The way you use language brings me joy, and I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to allow others to experience the poetry of what you’ve written. Besides, I have a couple friends who I think would enjoy this as an adult bed-time story 😉

Please let me know how you feel about this.

Thank you so much for your time, attention, and art with the English language!

Rebecca Stern – A Short Bedtime Story …

Needless to say, Rebecca’s email flattered me beyond belief, and I agreed wholeheartedly to her idea.

Today I thought I would share Rebecca’s reading, and thank her for the wonderful compliment. (And I apologize for taking so long to share this with my readers.)

Here is a link to Rebecca’s wonderful reading of my Botanist Islay Dry Gin review:

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did!


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Review: Rum Sixty Six English White Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 29, 2023

I encountered Rum Sixty Six (English White Rum) this past Christmas when it was included as a small sample in my Christmas Advent Calendar. As this is a white rum, I set it aside to visit when the weather was warmer. For myself, white rum is generally a spring and summertime indulgence, and I wanted to try the spirit when I would enjoy it the most.

Rum Sixty Six (English White Rum) was originally distilled in the Caribbean where it was matured for two years. The rum made its way across the Atlantic to the Sovereign Distillery in Liverpool, England where it was apparently rectified (or in other words re-distilled).  After this re-distillation, the spirit was rested in copper tanks.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Rum Sixty Six English White Rum

“… Glimpses of mushy plantain, hints of menthol and wisps of orange and banana peel rise into the air, but there is little else. Nothing strikes me as aggressive, but their is very little indication of character either. It’s as if this is a white rum that has taken a journey three quarters of the way to vodka …”

Enjoy the review, and stay tuned for a few more rum reviews in the coming weeks.


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