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Review: Cabrito Blanco Tequila

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 23, 2018

Cabrito is a Tequila Brand owned by the Phillips Distilling Co.. The agave spirit is produced by Tequila Centinela, S.A. de C.V. (Nom 1140). (This is the same distillery which produces Centinela Tequila). The distillery is located in the Arandas, Jalisco which is the main tequila production center in the Los Altos highlands.

Cabrito Blanco is produced from 100 %agave grown in the Los Altos highlands. Tequila produced from agave grown in the highlands typically exhibit strong fruity citrus notes and have a little squeal of hot pepper in the finish. The harvested agave is cooked in a stone oven. The cooked agave is shredded with a roller mil and the extracted juice is double distilled. The blanco spirit is bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Cabrito Blanco Tequila

“… The flavour starts out lightly sweet with punky agave which is quickly followed by a squeal of peppery spice. I taste sweet impressions of cotton candy and vanilla; vegetal impressions of impressions of baked squash, plantain, and musty burlap; and peppery impressions of lime zest and black pepper …”

Please enjoy my review which concludes with a very nice variation of the Margarita, a serving I have named, Lexi’s Cocktail.



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Review: Park Distillery Glacier Rye

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 22, 2018

Park Distillery  is located in the town of Banff, Alberta. The facility is not just a distillery, it is also a Restaurant and bar which opened in May of 2015 shortly after the Provincial government introduced new regulations which allowed for Craft distilleries to operate. Located high in the Mountains of Banff Provincial Park, the Distillery proudly serves regionally produced food in its restaurant, and local (sourced from high-altitude family farms in the Alberta foothills) grains to produce their spirits.

Park Distillery Glacial Rye is produced on the distillery’s 600L Kothe Pot – Twin Column Hybrid Still. It is made from 100% Alberta Rye and glacial water which originated at six high glaciers in the Rocky Mountains. This water gains minerality as it travels across rich limestone deposits.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Park Distillery Glacier Rye

“… The nose is very interesting with scents of mushy banana and plantain rising alongside zesty citrus notes and fresh spicy rye grain. I also notice hints of baked squash and a very light astringency (which is expected when one examines unaged spirits).  All in all I am quite pleased …”

Please enjoy my review which contains the suggested servings, Back Country Tea, and the Johnson Canyon Smash.


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Review: Ron Abuelo Anejo

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 20, 2018

Ron Abuelo Anejo rum is produced by Varela Hermanos SA in Panama, Central America. This company has a history which dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela Blanco launched the first sugar mill in the then recently formed Republic of Panama.  In 1935 the site began to distill sugar cane juice for the production of liqueurs. Today the company produces an impressive array of products which includes over one million boxes of liqueurs and of course a strong variety of rum. The Ron Abuelo brand is just one brand from this wide assortment.

Railcar with Ron Abuelo

This spirit is aged for 2 to 3 yeas in white oak bourbon casks and is the entry level rum in the Ron Abuelo lineup, accompanied in the brand line up by a 7-year-old and a 12-year-old rum, and more recently by the Ron Abuelo Finish Collection, and the Ron Abuelo Centuria.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: Ron Abuelo Anejo

“… A sense of fresh fruit and berries seem to be in the initial breezes as well. As the rum decants in the glass I begin to notice vanilla and caramel rising into the air as well. When the glass is fully decanted, the nose becomes heavy with coarse brown sugar and is tinged with cinnamon accents …”

Please enjoy my review which concludes with my cocktail suggestion, the Railcar.


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Review: Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 19, 2018

Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old Whisky is produced for The Fountana Group Canada  by Highwood Distillers right here in my home Province of Alberta. The Fountana Group contracted Highwood to produce a well aged whisky for export to Asia where it apparently has been well received. The spirit is now a standard bottling (still owned by the Fountana Group) made also for the Canadian Market.

According to the information provided me, the spirit is (as it was before) distilled and aged by Highwood Distillers. It is a 100% corn whisky bottled at 46% alcohol by volume.

Here is a link to my recent review of what I believe was the best Canadian Whisky produced in 2017:

Review: Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old Whisky

“… The initial breezes above the glass brought me impressions of dusty grain fields and firm oak spices. Soon I began to notice orange peel and butterscotch scents moving together over time creating impressions of marmalade and caramel toffee. There were also lovely hints of cinnamon and vanilla weaving within the breezes …”

Please enjoy the review!


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Review: Wild Turkey 101 (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 18, 2018

Wild Turkey produces their bourbon from a mash bill which includes three grains: corn, barley, and rye. This mash bill is said to have a relatively high proportion of rye which gives the whiskey brand its signature spicy kick.  Wild Turkey 101, rather than being bottled at the regular 40 % alcohol by volume is instead bottled at a higher proof, 50.5% alcohol by volume or 101 proof.

Although the spirit carries no age statement, the Wild Turkey Website informs us that this Kentucky Straight Bourbon is blended from whiskeys aged from five to eight years (minimum 5 years) in what the company refers to as their ‘famous #4 alligator char‘ American Oak barrels.

Here is a link to my full review of this outstanding bourbon whiskey:

Review: Wild Turkey 101 (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

“… When I take my first sip, I find an abundance of rye flavour joined by a light rum-like caramel, firm vanilla flavours and spicy oak sap and tannins. Although the whiskey is rye-forward, I also taste a firm presence of corn meandering alongside. Light flavours of maple join with the caramel, and some delicious baking spices (vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon) accent the oak and the rye …”

Please enjoy my review which includes a recipe suggestion from Campari (the brand owner), the Wild Mustang.


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