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Posts Tagged ‘Canadian Whisky’

Review: Macaloney Caledonian Invermallie – Red Wine Barrique

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 15, 2021

Two weeks ago I reviewed the Inveramallie release from the Macaloney Caledonian Distillery which was matured in an Ex-Bourbpon cask.  Today I am looking at another Invermallie release this time one which has been matured in a re-charred red wine barrique imported from Europe. This barrique underwent a shave-toast-rechar preparation which is meant to  give the spirit a complex nose with red berries, dried fruit, demerara sugar, leather, oak and honey.

The Invermallie releases may be regarded as the distillery’s connoisseurs/collector’s edition expressions. This is an ever-changing series of classic single malt expressions based on unique one-off single casks, or other special selections.

The Macaloney Caledonian Distillery began producing spirit which had reached the required maturity to be sold as Canadian Whisky in 2020. Their world-class distillery is built on a foundation of traditional Forsyth’s copper pot stills. Using Canadian barley, with island water the distillery produces a range of produces a small range of Island Whiskies.

Here is a link to my review of their Single Malt Whisky matured in red wine barriques:

Review: Macaloney Caledonian Invermallie – Red Wine Barrique

“… Mild oak and grain spices combine with light vanillans and soft leathery flavours of barley grain with undercurrents of red cherry licorice, gooseberry, butterscotch and almond. The lightly sweet maltiness pairs well with the fruity licorice,  but the nuances are indistinct and thus hard to describe in terms of taste descriptors. The result is a whisky which is light and airy even though it is bottled at 46 % abv …”

Please enjoy my review which continues a series of reviews of the new whiskies from the Macaloney Caledonian Distillery.


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Review: Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 3 – 43 Year Old

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 4, 2021

For each of the past three years Canadian Club has been releasing Canada’s oldest age stated Whisky. And each year that release has been getting one year older. It started in 2017 with the Canadian Club 40 Year Old .

Canadian Club 40 Year Old was produced from a selection of American Oak barrels which contained 100% corn whisky. The whisky was released in part to commemorate Canada’s 150 Anniversary, and was available with full distribution across Canada in the fall of 2017. In 2018 we learned that Canadian Club hadn’t emptied all of those 100 % Corn Whisky Barrels, those that hadn’t been used were now one year older. In the fall of 2018, Canadian Club released what they called Canadian Club Chronicles – 41 Year Old Whisky (The Water of Windsor), again using some of those same barrels; but this time adding a small amount of cognac, rye and sherry to the final blend. Then in 2019 the cycle was repeated as Canadian Club released Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 – 42 Year Old Whisky (The Dock Man). This time to offer some distinction in the blend, the whisky was blended with a 16 Year Old Rye Whisky, a 12 Year Old Pot Distilled Rye and a small amount of Brandy.

Which brings us to 2020 and the release of Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 3 – 43 Year Old Whisky (The Speakeasy) which has apparently been freshened with a dash of 11 Year Old Rye whisky. I recently tasted the new 43 Year Old and thought I would share my thoughts.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 3

“… The nose grows and grows as you let the glass breathe becoming almost breathtaking as the richness unfolds. Rum-like scents of molasses, Cognac-like aromas of raisins and dry fruit, Bourbon-like notes of corn and honeycomb seem to be all combined together with sticky marmalade and yummy nougat thrown in for good measure. And yes, that dash of rye seems to be playing a roll brightening the breezes without taking the shine from the sumptuous aroma …”

Please enjoy my first review of 2021. Later this week I’ll be taking a look at Rhum J.M.  V.O from Martinique.

Until then, Chimo!

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Review: Perth Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 16, 2020

Top Shelf Distillers are located in Perth, a town in Eastern Ontario, located on the Tay River, about 80 kilometres southwest of Ottawa. At one time, Perth was home to four distilleries the two most famous of which (McLaren and Spalding & Stewart) were located in limestone buildings alongside the Tay River catering to the tastes of the early Scottish settlement by producing malt whisky similar to the Scottish style of the day. Prohibition (the Ontario Temperance Act of 1916) is largely blamed for the demise of the distilling industry in Perth; but now, just over one hundred years later, Top Shelf Distillers have began to once again bottle whisky in Perth.

Their Perth Whisky is a recent release and they have only limited quantity available, (35 cases currently in the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control (AGLC) warehouse in a 500ml format bottle). They have also began to bottle the spirit in a 750ml format, and one of those bottles was sent to me for review. According to the information given to me, Perth Whisky is produced from from locally sourced ingredients, and is aged in both new American Oak charred barrels, as well as various used barrels from some of the larger distillers.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Perth Whisky

“… I like the leathery smells which remind me of both fresh leather and graham wafers. Light baking spice and almond round out the aroma, which while not being overly complex, nevertheless promises a robust grain flavour …”

Please enjoy my review of Top Shelf Distillers brand new Perth Canadian Whisky!


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Review: Crown Royal Noble Collection – Rye Aged 16 Years

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 13, 2020

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is currently produced in Gimli, Manitoba, at the Crown Royal Distillery. The distillery and the brand are owned by the spirits conglomerate, Diageo, and I think it is fair to say that Crown Royal is Diageo’s flagship Canadian Whisky brand.

The Crown Royal Noble Collection is a series of whiskies that have been released on an annual basis since 2016. The Collection showcases Crown Royal whiskies with new flavour profiles by blending different components of the various whiskies that go into the Crown Royal blend and/or using different finishing techniques in maturing the company’s flagship whisky.

The Crown Royal Rye Aged 16 Years is part of the Noble Collection and showcases Crown Royal’s rye whisky. This is a blend of Crown Royal Rye Whiskies all of which have been aged for no less than16 years.

Here is a link to the full review:

Review: Crown Royal Noble Collection – Rye Aged 16 Years

“… a firm oak and rye aroma with both the spicy accents oak sap and rye grain on full display. I sense impressions of maple topped  graham wafers and hints of chocolate riding alongside. Lovely notes of butterscotch and vanilla have merged with almond notes bringing about an impression of marzipan and underneath all of this are impressions of raisins and apricot.I should mention the baking spices which appear alongside the oak. …”

Please enjoy this review of this lovely sipping whisky.


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Review: Century Reserve Rare Cask Series Beer Barrel

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 10, 2020

I recently received a bottle of Century Reserve Rare Cask Series Beer Barrel aged whisky. Bottle number 1205 to be exact. So I reached out to Highwood Distillers (who produce the Century Reserve brand) to find out a little bit about this new whisky.

Apparently, the folks at Highwood Distillery began a collaboration with Wild Rose Brewery some time ago bringing them freshly dumped charred American White Oak barrels that had previously aged 100% corn Whisky. The Brewery produced a stout ale, and then aged it in those barrels for 3 months making a product called Tenor Stout (which sold out very quickly).

Highwood then brought the barrels back to their distillery and filled them with 100% wheat Whisky and followed it along for 12 months (the point where they felt it had reached its flavoured potential). This Whisky was then brought to bottling proof, filtered and bottled at 42 % alcohol by volume. Including the time spent in Beer Barrels, the finished whisky is about 5 Year Old.

Here is a link to my full review and suggested serving:

Review: Century Reserve Rare Cask Series Beer Barrel

“… Dusty grain, fine oak spices, ginger and sandalwood. Vanilla, almond and light butterscotch. A whisper of malt/stout. A light smattering of additional baking spices with cinnamon and nutmeg. More dusty grain spices …”

Please enjoy my review and the Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe included.


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