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Archive for the ‘Whisk(e)y Review’ Category

Review: Pendleton Midnight

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 19, 2020

Pendleton Midnight is a premium Canadian Whisky produced in Oregon by Hood River Distillers brought to bottling proof (45 % alcohol by volume) using the glacial fed waters from Mt. Hood. Pendleton Whiskies are named to honour the Pendleton Round-up, which is a respected rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon. In fact, Pendleton Whisky sponsors numerous rodeos, including the aforementioned  the Pendleton Round-Up, the Cheyenne Frontier Days, and the Walla Walla Frontier Days.

According to the company website a portion of the Midnight whisky is aged for over six years in American brandy barrels.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Pendleton Midnight

“… As the glass rests dusty rye and wood spice continues to pour out with impressions of straw and chaff alongside. There is now a well defined fruitiness apparent as well with orange peel, apricot liqueur and raisin all melding together in the breezes …”

Please enjoy my review, Chimo!

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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #9 – J.P. Wiser’s NHL Alumni Whiskies

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 14, 2019

A few years ago J.P. Wiser’s and the NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) got together to bring whisky fans something uniquely Canadian. One time edition Canadian whiskies which are each blended with the aim of containing characteristic links to specific NHLAA members for whom the blend is named.

I was recently sent three of the 2019 – 20 Edition Alumni Whiskies to review on my website, J.P. Wiser’s Mark Messier, Dave Keon, and Yvan Cournoyer, and if you follow my blog you will know that those reviews are just recently published.

I really enjoyed each of the the J.P. Wisers NHL Alumni Whiskies that I was able to sample. Although each whisky is unique in its own way, I nevertheless found an underlying theme of quality running throughout the line-up.

Here are links to the reviews of the 2019 Captain’s Line-up.

Note: As part of the partnership with the NHL Alumni, a potion of the sales are be donated to NHLAA to support their philanthropic causes.


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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #14 – Crown Royal Northern Rye

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 9, 2019

Crown Royal Northern Rye took the world by storm when it was introduced in released in 2015. The main reason for this was that World renowned whisky guru, Jim Murray (in one of his most controversial selections) declared the Northen Rye to be thebest whisky in the entire world that year.

Jim Murray’s declaration cause a stampede of consumers to rush to their favourite liquor store in order to buy a case before it ran our. It did run out, but only temporarily as Crown Royal quickly ramped up production to meet the demand. Since 2015, it has remained a staple of my home bar:

Here is a link to my review:

Review: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whisky

“… I sense a stronger underlying oakiness within the spirit as fine wood spices rise into the air and the merry little breezes above the glass are tinged with crisp spicy rye notes as well …”


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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #17 – Crown Royal Reserve

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 6, 2019

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is currently produced in Gimli, Manitoba, at the Crown Royal Distillery. The distillery and the brand are owned by Diageo, and I think it is fair to say that Crown Royal is Diageo’s flagship Canadian whisky brand.

In 1992, a premium version of Crown Royal was introduced as Crown Royal Special Reserve. This whisky was produced from specially selected casks which were tasted and monitored closely by the Crown Royal Master Blender. These ‘premium casks’ represented whiskies with special character, and they were allowed to age longer with the aim of producing a more premium whisky. In the fall of 2008, this more premium Crown Royal Special Reserve was relaunched as Crown Royal Reserve Canadian Whisky.

This is a whisky I would recommend for sipping neat without ice,

Review: Crown Royal Reserve Canadian Whisky

“… The whisky is lightly oaky with wood spices leading out as orange peel and pepper. Some clear rye spices (ginger in particular) jump in, and this spicy montage of flavour is accented by sweet flavours of caramel and maple. There is of course that typical punky corn/bourbon presence winding through the whisky that seems to be the signature flavour of Crown Royal …”

If you need a special gift this Christmas for a fan of the Crown Royal Style, You probably can’t go wrong with the selection of Crown Royal Reserve!

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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #18 – Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 5, 2019

Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky is the least expensive whisky on this list. In fact, it is usually sold in a Plastic PET bottle and found on the bottom shelf at the liquor store. But don’t let looks deceive you. Behind that ordinary looking label and inside that unassuming plastic bottle is a remarkable whisky.

It is surprisingly smooth for a young whisky (about 5 years old) with melded flavours of butterscotch and honey, rye and wood spices, and a light dab of vanilla, and with a simple ice-cube added the whisky is delicious. Add a splash of ginger -ale and you have perhaps the best Canadian whisky high ball in the entire nation.

The whisky is in fact my go to whisky for back deck rye and gingers. I love rye and ginger ale, so it is easy to see how this unassuming whisky made my list of my 20 favourites of 2019.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky

“… Honeycomb, ginger, wood spice, and a light dab of vanilla all support a wonderfully clean, dusty rye flavour. There is polish in evidence here, but a little rough and tumble too, as the wood spices liven the mouth-feel and take me back in time to when rye was the King of Canadian Spirits …”

Enjoy Everybody Chimo!


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