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Archive for the ‘Whisky Review’ Category

2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #16 – Windsor Canadian

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 7, 2019

Earlier this year, I was hosting a bit of a house warming party as my family and I had finally completed our move to our new home. The move was precipitated by my son’s need for a more wheelchair accessible home and although we hated to leave the original home we built 20 years ago, we were glad to be in our new digs.

I still had a lot of my Canadian Whisky collection boxed up and inaccessible so I went to the store to find a suitable dry rye whisky for the party.

And there it was a 1.75 litre bottle of Windsor Canadian for only $44.95.  Not only did the Windsor Canadian fit the bill as a great dry rye Whisky for a gathering of friends (most of whom would be mixing cocktails), it was also probably the best whisky deal I encountered during the entire year of 2019.

Review: Windsor Canadian Whisky

“… The initial nose is very typically ‘Canadian’ with firm butterscotch scents lying alongside a fruit-filled spicy rye. As I let the glass sit, some dusty ripened grain notes develop along with accompanying scents of straw and the chaff. There is a bit of dry grassiness reminiscent of timothy and foxtail and some zesty notes of orange and lemon peel. Rounding out the nose are a few bits of cinnamon and dark brown sugar …”

Please enjoy the review which includes a modern take on the classic Whiskey Crusta Cocktail, which I have called the Canadian Crusta.


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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #19 – Lot No. 40 Cask Strength

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 4, 2019

I guess a lot of persons would have thought that the Lot No. 40 Cask Strength would have ended up higher on my list of favourites this year. And in terms of quality it certainly deserves a higher spot. But this list is about favourites, which means that the whiskies on the list are those that like to return to more frequently and which I like sharing with a wide variety of guests.

The truth is that although I love the cask strength Lot No. 40, this whisky is just too aggressive both in terms of alcohol heat and in terms of robust flavour for me to return to it very often or to serve to the uninitiated. This cask strength bomb kicks you in the mouth and slaps your tonsils down your throat. Frankly my friends and I don’t need that sort of treatment every day.

But when one of us does need a kick in the pants, it is nice to have a bottle of Lot No. 40 Cask Strength on hand.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review:  Lot No. 40 Cask Strength Rye Whisky

“… The flavour hits like a sledge-hammer with rough oak and cedar spice pushed by alcohol heat, dark chocolate and heavy rye bread. Add in Christmas fruitcake, and lots of peppery spice including black pepper and cloves and we are still only part way into describing the sheer volume of flavour …”

Please enjoy the review, Chimo!


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Review: Forty Creek Victory (2019 Limited Release)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 30, 2019

Forty Creek Whisky has an annual tradition of producing a special limited release whisky which is built upon the foundation of the company’s flagship whisky, Forty Creek Barrel Select. These annual special releases each seek to bring new character to the Forty Creek family.

The 2019 Limited Release, Forty Creek Victory, commemorates the 205th Anniversary of the Engagement at the Forty which was a battle during the War of 1812 which occurred almost on the very ground upon which the Forty Creek Distillery is situated. In creating this years limited edition release, Forty Creek’s Master Distillery decided to do a little experimentation with a four year old Forty Creek Whisky, high wood vanilla staves, a ten year old Corn whisky and Starboard Wine.

Here is a link to my final Canadian Whisky Review of 2019:

Review: Forty Creek Victory (2019 Limited Release)

“… The breezes in the air bring fine oak spices forward along with just a hint of alcohol astringency. The spirit seems youthful and perhaps just a little brash. Hints of red licorice augment the spice, with notes of vanilla, and grain (rye predominantly) beginning to peak though …”

Please enjoy my review, and stay tuned as Tomorrow I begin my 24 Days of Rum Advent series of reviews>



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Review: J.P. Wiser’s Yvan Cournoyer Alumni Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 13, 2019

I was recently sent three of the 2019 – 20 Edition Alumni Whiskies to review on my website, J.P. Wiser’s Mark Messier, Dave Keon, and Yvan Cournoyer. This is part of the new Captain’s Line featuring these historic ice legends who each served as Captain of their respective NHL Hockey teams.

The subject of this review, J.P. Wiser’s Yvan Cournoyer Alumni Whisky is blended from 3 grains, and aged for 12 years. The twelve years of aging is of course an homage to Cournoyer’s Jersey Number. Additionally (according to the information sent to me) the spirit was inspired by Cournoyer’s game-winning pass to Paul Henderson in the Canada 1972 Summit Series. Cournoyer’s smooth pass and Henderson’s gritty goal is said to be reflected in the smooth 3-grain whisky which is complimented by gritty rye flavours.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: J.P. Wiser’s Yvan Cournoyer Alumni Whisky

“… The first sip of whisky is smooth and just as promised in the advertising this smooth quality is quickly followed by a swat of spicy rye. I taste maple, rye and oak spice, butterscotch, vanilla, almond all jumbled together with yummy baking spices joining in for good measure …”

Please enjoy the review and stay tuned for the upcoming review of the Dave Keon and Mark Messier Alumni whiskies.


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Review: J.P. Wiser’s Wendel Clark Alumni Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 10, 2019

A couple years ago J.P. Wiser’s and the NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) got together to bring whisky fans something uniquely Canadian. One time edition Canadian whiskies which are each blended with the aim of containing characteristic links to specific NHLAA members who helped to design the blend.

J.P. Wiser’s Wendel Clark Alumni Whisky is similar to Lot No. 40 (also produced by J.P. Wiser’s) in that it is a Single Grain Rye whisky. In the case of this Alumni Whisky, unmalted rye is used. The spirit is distilled once upon a column still and then distilled a second time on a pot still. The spirit is then aged for 11 years in ex-bourbon barrels. The product has two obvious ties to the character of Wendel Clark, the first is the robust rye grain selected by Wendel himself for this whisky, and the second is the bottling proof 41.6 % alcohol by volume which is the Toronto area code of Maple Leaf Gardens Where Wendel played hockey for much of his career.

Here is a link to my latest review:

Review: J.P. Wiser’s Wendel Clark Alumni Whisky

“… The breezes above the glass bring me impressions of oak sap and cedar with vanilla and rye, honeycomb, canned fruit all joining in the fray. Wood spice builds with marmalade and sap melding together to form a yummy aroma that has my mouth watering just a little …”

Please enjoy the review, and stay tuned for my reviews of the newest Alumni releases, Yvan Cournoyer, Mark Messier, and Dave Keon.


Note: As part of the partnership with the NHL Alumni, a potion of the sales are be donated to NHLAA to support their philanthropic causes. This whisky was exclusive to Canada and marketed primarily in Quebec and Ontario. 

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